Daily frustrations/excitements of a diabetic, student, and entrepreneur 

Pumpstash Goes Global



Pumpstash first started because as a high school athlete, I was sick of my pump slowing me down. I never want diabetes to be what stops me from trying new things or living how I want. I want to challenge myself and not let one dysfunctional organ hold me back. That often means there is an extra layer (or five) of complication, but learning to accept and embrace those challenges teaches me so much, rather than staying in a safe zone.

Tomorrow, I’m heading to Cape Town, South Africa to study abroad for the next five months. Now that I’ve survived the logistical nightmare of coordinating classes, travel, insurance, doctors, and diabetes supplies, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me in a brand new place.

It’s sometimes easier to build a barrier around diabetes that encourages me to be safe and timid. While I am climbing past of my metaphorical barrier by climbing Cape Town’s famous mountains, trying scary new food, and running around a new city, I want to share my experiences, and hopefully see your experiences too. Follow (and add to!) the journey with #BreakMyBarrier on the Pumpstash blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This idea and hashtag is not about avoiding responsibilities and major parts of my life, but rather embracing my restraints and learning how to navigate around and through them.

Show us how you can #BreakMyBarrier (whether it is diabetes related or not) please hashtag your photo so we can see!

Pumpstash will continue to operate as usual while I am abroad, so place your orders at today.