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Special Thanks

I am just shy of a month after reaching the Pumpstash Kickstarter goal. 61 awesome people donated money and sent me equally wonderful notes of support. 

I've spent the last month writing thank you notes and coordinating production. As the Kickstarter date draws further away and the beginning of production draws closer, it's important to give special thanks to the people that donated a little extra to really help get Pumpstash off the ground. 

When I first was creating the campaign and the reward tiers, I included "special feature on Pumpstash's website" for anyone that donated $100 or more. The original intent was to feature the 10 or so people that donated with a few questions about them and why they supported Pumpstash. That was the plan, until 25 people donated $100, $250, or $500. Trying to coordinate interviews and posts with all 25 donors seems a little out of reach, so instead I'm writing this post to give a shout out to these very kind donors.

Thank you so much again: Mary Mahoney, Jeanne Lynch, Julie Solomon, Michael Gold, Christa MacLean, Cara Beston, Jenn Peterson, Chris Crawford, Janet McNulty, Kathleen Ferguson, Maura Roszyk, Ann Logan, Joe Battle, Jordan Catalana, Fred and Evelyn McNulty, Lois Lavelle, Anne Haas, Eileen Bockoff, Emily Tinsley, Evan and Suzette Cohen, Matthew Peterson, Harry Wilcox, Claire and Joe Logan, and Rich Ahl.

Thank you again, and am thinking of you as production begins!