Daily frustrations/excitements of a diabetic, student, and entrepreneur 

Amazing support and blogs

Happy Hump Day everyone! It has been quite a busy few weeks. Between moving out of school, getting settled into my summer job, visiting with friends and family, and launching our Kickstarter campaign I have barely had time time to stop.

Now that things are setting down, I want to take a minute to thank everyone. Over the last 2 weeks (or 16 days if we're being technical) I have gotten SO much support. From close family and friends, to distant friends our biggest communication is "liking" Facebook posts, I have been blown away by how they've rallied to help Pumpstash. The number of shares, likes, comments, donations, texts, and emails I have gotten has been so wonderful. It's always great to connect with people I haven't spoken in a while and seeing the enthusiasm that people that support me have has been amazing. 

From my family who diligently forward and share every email and post I write and encourage their friends to do the same. My Mom and Dad's amazing outreach has been responsible for a huge number of donations, my sister has been a social media superstar and has helped me with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and blog posts, and my little brother even sold some of his play station games to donate to the Pumpstash campaign.

The Fordham community has been unbelievable as well. The Fordham Foundry and Gabelli were instrumental in the launch of the campaign. I received guidance from some incredibly talented and smart people that have asked for nothing in return, and they have worked hard to make sure my name is out there on social media, even bringing Pumpstash up at the Fordham reunions. 

The last community I've received incredible support has been the diabetes online community #doc.  As a newbie to the diabetes Twitter and Instagram spheres I am so happy to have gotten all the amazing support I have. Beyond the kind words on Twitter and over email and shoutouts on Instagram, I've been featured in some awesome blogs and even won the chance to go to an amazing diabetes conference on a scholarship.

In no particular order I'd like to thank/show off these great posts:

The DiabetesMine team and the opportunity to attend the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit at Stanford in November:

Stephen from HappyMedium who wrote a wonderful write up of Pumpstash's Kickstarter campaign:

The BeyondType1 team who featured me in an Instagram post:

Rachel from ProbablyRachel who gave me the opportunity to write a guest post on growing up with diabets:…/

Jennifer from DespiteMyPancreas who wrote a great review of Pumpstash and how it could be used in her own life:

Derek from Less Than Seven who wrote an incredibly thoughtful piece about Pumpstash

and Daley from I Run On Batteries who shared Pumpstash while talking about pump and dress frustrations:

Pumpstash is getting SO close to our $5,000 goal. Please help us raise the remaining $1,870 by sharing, donating, or blogging about Pumpstash!