Daily frustrations/excitements of a diabetic, student, and entrepreneur 

Keep It To Yourself

Type-1 diabetes has good days and bad days, and sometimes good hours and bad hours. My numbers can go crazy for any number of reasons: malfunctioning insulin pump or equipment, exercise, miscalculated bolus, or my personal favorite--no explicable reason. The explanation for crazy numbers I tend to avoid admitting with the internet, friends and family, and even myself is laziness. 

Today's topic is "keep it to yourself" things we don't like to admit to those in our diabetes support system (is there a hashtag for that yet?). Most of the time I'm on top of my diabetes game. I change my sites when it's time, I always carry extra supplies, I check before eating/driving/exercising/sleeping, I count my carbs, bolus before the meal, and do all of the other little things necessary to maintain good numbers. Except, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I wait a few extra days before putting my CGM back in, I bolus a blanket 6 U instead of counting carbs, snacking on one pretzel turns to 10 and I don't bolus, and just generally pretend I don't have diabetes. Then, when I end up high or low later on I am frustrated and try to figure out "how the hell that happened.

I think it's ok to be lazy sometimes. It's hard to be on top of my game with school, work, and social life getting in the way. Usually, I put my diabetes care over everything else, but sometimes it's just too much. With that being said, I can't completely throw caution to the wind and pretend I don't have diabetes. 

The key to diabetes laziness is admitting it to myself and keeping it under control. It's ok to slip up and get lazy sometimes. Admitting when I am being lazy to myself, friends, and family will help keep me accountable so it remains a mini-break and not the standard of my diabetes care.