Daily frustrations/excitements of a diabetic, student, and entrepreneur 

Taking a Break

I've always been adamant that diabetes did not define me, and I was not going to let it dictate my life. As a teenager, I stepped away from diabetes advocacy and support groups and decided to focus on diabetes solely by dealing with blood sugars and boluses.

Over the last year and a half, and particularly the last 6 months diabetes has re-entered my life in a big way. I launched Pumpstash just over a week ago and have been tirelessly working on it in the months leading up to the Kickstarter campaign and more recently the launch. 

Having diabetes so present in my life in the professional sense, has lead to me slacking on my diabetes care. When I'm sending emails, drafting social media posts, and coordinating logistics of the shorts, I'm always thinking about diabetes from a macro level and don't want to think about it how it relates to me.

When I'm in class or back in my apartment at the end of the day, I am done for the day. This means that I have not been wearing my sensor for the last few weeks, but I'm checking my blood sugar as little as if I was, I haven't been cooking healthy or balanced meals, and I've slipped into old habits of a 10 unit dinner or a 4 unit breakfast instead of counting my carbs.

I've also stepped away from non-Pumpstash diabetes interactions. Last winter and spring I got to know so many interesting and cool people with diabetes that were doing a lot for the community and were a great outlet to feel the frustration over a bad number or to laugh at a dumb pancreas joke no one else would find funny. I got to meet a number of people in person, but especially over social media in Instagram posts and Twitter chats.

Overall, I haven't been feeling 100% (hmm wonder why) and need to step it up with diabetes management. I also miss interacting and connecting with people from all over the world that share many of the same struggles as me, and understand blowing off my sensor, but also understand the importance.

So tonight, when I get home, I'm going to put my sensor in and while I wait 2 hours to enter my blood sugar, I'm going to participate in the Twitter chat and get back into diabetes management and the diabetes community.